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Order Health with Happiness

I am suffering from common cold but you guys won’t believe that my nose can smell delicious food prepared at my favorite food joint Subway. Life is just awesome at this place. I came to study in India so that I could make my future bright but my mother was worried that how will I handle myself, how will I take proper amount of nutrition but I was assured that there is one such place which will definitely stand with me  and also by my side and that place is definitely, ‘Subway’. Subway menu is just fantastic. You might be thinking that how could a fast food joint be full of nutritional menu, isn’t it? Rest of the time I used to have my meal at my Paying Guest but when I didn’t felt like having it then the only place that attacked my mind was just subway restaurant menu.

I used to open the site http://www.subway.co.in/ , explore the site well and used to order the food I liked to have. They are so delicious that I just can’t resist by not having it. Here, health comes along with happiness. No amount of excess oil, not fried too much and delicious in taste, what else does a food savvy want?  

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